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Who are we? is part of LLC. Our address and other contact details are available here. We value, respect and protect the privacy of our users.

Whenever possible, we limit the information that is shared. We may have affiliate offers and google ads displayed on the site at points in time.


Any cookie we could use would only be due to caching or your prefrences and would not impeeded the use of the site if you went without them, so not necessary for the use of the site.

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Users who subscribe to our email newsletter will find that address in good hands. Your email is never used for other purposes or shared with third parties.

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The meanings are managed by the terms. The accounts do not require anything to do. Email is needed if you want the ability to reset password


We may update this privacy statement, but the above statements will never change in any material way.

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If you wish to have personal data deleted, do not hesitate to Contact Us


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